21.10.2014 | Belgrade
According to the Spanish newspaper Expansion, Belgrade became a very popular destination, and a capital with the most tourists in Eastern Europe. “Belgrade...
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Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Dedinje was built between 1924 and 1929, on orders by King Alexander I, as the official royal residence.

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

The designers were the architect Živojin Nikolić and the academic Nikolaj Krasnov of the Royal Academy. It is currently home to Crown Prince Alexander II and his family.

 It is a spacious and representative villa built of white stone in the Serbian-Byzantine style. The palace is surrounded by pergolas, park terraces, pools, a pavilion and a concert terrace. The palace, located on the ridge of a hill, provides a magnificent view of Dedinje, the Košutnjak forest, Topčider and Avala.

 The stone paved Ceremonial Hall is decorated with copies of frescoes from the monasteries Dečani and Sopoćane. The Blue Salon is decorated in a baroque style, while the Gold Salon and the grand Dining Hall are decorated in the style of renaissance. The marble columns in those rooms bear rich casetted wooden ceilings with bronze chandeliers. These rooms are decorated with precious paintings, cases and items from the royal collection. The rooms of the Grand and Small Library are decorated in the same style.